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Haru Iida, 05/10/2009 04:40 AM



本家サイトのプラグインページ に載っているもの。

プラグイン 説明
BotsFilterPlugin prevents common bots from crawling various urls.
Bulk Time Entry is a plugin to enter multiple time entries at one time.
Budget is a plugin to manage the set of deliverables for each project, automatically calculating key performance indicators.
Collapse is a plugin which transforms the default Redmine sidebar into a collapsible sidebar.
Customer is a plugin to track basic customer information and to see which project belonged to a customer.
Embedded lets you embed HTML files (eg. auto generated documentation, test reports) in your projects.
Exception Handler will allow Redmine to send emails when an exception or error occurs.
ezFAQ is a FAQ management plugin for Redmine.
ezLibrarian is a book shelf management plugin designed for use in company or department.
Google Analytics is a simple plugin to include a Google Analytics tracking code within Redmine.
Google Calendar is a simple plugin to include Google Calendar iframe as a tab within Redmine projects.
Graphs is a simple plugin provides additional graphs for the system.
IssuesGroup is a plugin implementation of issues grouping and query categorization.
LocalAvatars is a plugin implementation of local user avatars.
My Widgets is a plugin that provides additional blocks for the my page portal.
Project Scores is a plugin which will let a user score a project on different criteria.
RD formatter adds Ruby Doc text formatting capability to Redmine (requires Redmine r1955 or above)
Question is a plugin which will allow users to ask questions to each other in issue notes
Rate is a plugin which will store billable rates for users.
Schedules is a plugin which will schedule users to assigned projects over time
Simple CI is a generic plugin for integrating per project RSS continuous integration feeds (eg. Cruise Control) in Redmine.
Stuff To Do allows a user to order and prioritize the issues they are doing into a specific order. It will also allow other privileged users to reorder the user's workload.
System Notification is a plugin that will allow an Administrator to send notification emails to recently logged in users.
Timesheet is a plugin to show and filter timelogs across all projects in Redmine.
Vote is a plugin for issues voting.

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