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Toshiyuki Ando, 07/27/2009 04:14 PM

Hudson Plugin

How to get

Latest version is 0.1.6

What's hudson?

Huson is application for Continuous Integration.
Easy install configuration, and good ui.

More detail Meet Hudson


Show Job List

  • show name, description, latest build ( build number, result, date ) and health report
    • bulid number linked to build result page
    • health report linked to any page ( use settings )
  • click [Build Now] request hudson to build
  • Mr. hudson appears ( sorry, not emotional )

Show Build History

click note icon, show build history

  • show build number, result, date
    • bulid number linked to build result page
    • console icon linked to console page

Show build history on activity.

  • show jobname, build number, test-result(only number of items) and changesets

Show build result on issue.

  • job-name, build-number, result and built date and time. when Hudson builds revisions associated issues.


  • hudson url
    • can use https maybe.. ( 0.1.2 higher )
  • auth user, password ( 0.1.1 higher )
  • can stop plugin getting test results and changesets
    Getting test results and changesets needs a good amount of time.
  • choose job
  • compact mode
    • show only job name and latest build
  • Can add/modify/delete Health report settings.
    Plugin provides a link to Hudson, if plugin find keyword in Health Report.
    You can add/modify/delete Keyword and linked URL.

Support Language

Important reminder

Recommend Hudson 1.313
If you use old version of Hudson, plugin may not get test results and changesets.
Plugin store build information, if plugin can't get test results or changesets.
But, If plugin fail, never get test results, changesets again.

Plugin get build information when you access plugin (Hudson tab).
Plugin has no exclusive control, so plugin doesn't work when redmine works on multi-process.
I'll try next version.

Plugin can get recent build infomation, more than a dozen.
If Hudson has many build infomations, Plugin can't get all. sorry.

Something is wrong with plugin, you should try to delete data from database.
( use 'delete history' button in setting page )

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