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Toshiyuki Ando, 06/10/2009 04:19 PM

Hudson Plugin

How to get

Latest version is 0.1.1

What's hudson?

Huson is application for Continuous Integration.
Easy install configuration, and good ui.

More detail Meet Hudson


Show Job List

  • show name, description, latest build ( build number, result, date ) and health report
    • bulid number linked to build result page
  • click [Build Now] request hudson to build
  • Mr. hudson appears ( sorry, not emotional )

Show Build History

click note icon, show build history

  • show build number, result, date
    • bulid number linked to build result page
    • console icon linked to console page


  • hudson url, auth user, password
  • choose job
  • compact mode
    • show only job name and latest build

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