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view rights for every report

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This is really a nice plugin but we want only to allow some roles to see the rights report or worklflow reports, not only admins but also not all users.
IT would be usefuly for us only if we can enable or disable which roles can access and view the reports. Switching rednering the main menu link on/off would be usefuly also, because we would only link it directly in our help, no need for an own main menu entry.


Updated by cforce cforce over 8 years ago

Its a feature..


Updated by Mitsuyoshi Yoshida over 8 years ago

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Information this plugin show is system information.
It doesn't belong to any project. But roles is a property of project members.
So role can't be used.

I think, it is possible to do as follows:
Administrators registers enable users.
And "Information" menu item is displayed for only the registered users.

Does this plan fit your request ?


Updated by cforce cforce over 8 years ago

yeah, that would be ok. And an plugin of off option to show zhe menu in general. We would switch it off and maually link the reports in wiki help sites.


Updated by Mitsuyoshi Yoshida over 8 years ago

I intended not only to hide menu item but also to make information disable.
So, if you manually link, users can't see information page except registered users.

I thought, your request is that only specified users can access information page.
Don't I mistake?


Updated by cforce cforce over 8 years ago

Information shall only browsable if registered, yes.
Butr furthermore i want to hide the new menue item, because it makes out redmine gui to full of menue together with other ones. For this information an onw main menue entry is overdone.
So i would like to switch menue creation off in plugins settings, howevr the routes ate still availabe for registered users if you know the url and link it somewhere, eg. in help.
If this is a prpblem i can just remove the menue creation line in init.rb.


Updated by Mitsuyoshi Yoshida over 8 years ago

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I will add the feature that registered users only access information page.

But your second request to hide top menu item is difficult.
So remove menu in init.rb yourself and link manually, please.


Updated by cforce cforce over 8 years ago

Tx a lot. I am looking forward


Updated by Jan Sellmann almost 7 years ago

The original idea of the issue, limiting Information-Visibility to some roles e.g. managers only, would be very helpful, however if it's difficult todo, restricting it to registered users only would also be an improvement.

Thanks for your work with the plugin anyway!

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